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Anime Boston 2008

SO! I just got home from Anime Boston 2008...and you ALL just lost the game. Sorry. I saw alot of cool things, got lost alot...and actually got yaoi <3333

So day one, Thursday: Left for Boston at 1:30 in the afternoon and arived at like 4ish. Met Axel and Dani and then went to the T. That SUCKED. I hate Boston just for the T. x__x Anyways, we eventually made it to the hotel. I claimed the bed next to the wall (MINEDAMMITMYBED), and then proceeded to unpack my stuff and throw it into the crack between the bed and the wall. My roommates laughed xD Then, me being special, I put on my cosplay (OMG I WAS MARLUXIA <3) and we walked down to get our badges. Okay. Now. This is funny and gross. I was going to the bathroom, and I realized it's REALLY hard to pee in an organization cloak, so I took it off. Well, I finished my business and was zipping the cloak back on and POP off goes the piece of zipper. I heard it bounce on the floor, then couldn't find it. So I went out to tell them and Dani came back in with me. She's like "Did it go in the toilet?" and I was like "no! I heard it hit the floor." and she replied "Well, it's in the toilet." So she walked out and I stared in the toilet, then at my cloak for like a few minutes before finally darting my hand into the toilet, squealing "EWWWWWWWWWWW" the entire time. I washed it, and then wandered back to my friends. We got our badges (and they refused to touch my hand>>;) and mine said "The Flower Faq: Marluxia. Then it was time to meet Caitlyn and Zoe. They were cool. I looooove them <333 We went out for dinner and had Japanese and the like. That was fun. I tried sushi and found out that I didn't like it. Then we went back to the hotel, played some games and then went to bed.

Day Two, Friday: Opening day of the con. There was NOTHING to do at 8 am. So, I just wandered around in my costume going "lalalalalalalaa" and taking pictures. Til I saw a Saix. Then I was like "omg. Saix. <3" and talked to him for a bit, then wandered again. Oh, and I had jellybeans in my pocket. Because I'm a candy whore. xD So, everytime I saw a Roxas or a Sora I'd be like "Haaaayyyy. Roxas/Sora. Reach into my pocket <3". One'a the Roxas' even became my nephew (wtf <3). I ended up meeting this Edo and was hanging out with him for awhile, and we went to see the opening ceremonies together, and then we were inseperable xD I spent ALL day with him. That was also the day that I met Greg Ayres. Me and Edo were one of the first 10 in line. So, we went in and talked to Chris Ayres. NO PROBLEM. I get to Greg and he goes "Hi! How're you?" and I just stood there unable to speak. Edo actually had to whack me to get me to talk, and all that came out was a "Hi! I came to Boston just to meet you and I don't know how to get home!" He laughed, signed my saiyuki dvd cover, shook my hand, and I was fine. Then the fun part. I walked out and took like, 10 steps, and the Xemnas on the other side of the hall goes "Hay Marluxia!" and I screeched in sheer joy that I'd met Greg Ayres. Xemnas thought I was psycho and I collapsed against the wall, grinning like a retard. Then we went and watched a thing on how to be a ninja in an hour. I can't remember what I did after that though. OH. At some point, right after I met Edo, there was an Axel outside the artist alley and he yaoi'd me. xD And I met Halloween Town Marluxia who made me feel inadaquite and in awe and amazement at the same time. So, I think I went back to the room, and like...did something...played DDR for awhile most likely 'cause that was the night of the ball. Well, after awhile I went out to the elevators and flopped down. Everytime people got off I was like "You just lost." and lol It was fun. Went to bed at around...uhhhhh....2ish?

Day Three, Saturday: This was the day I got up at 8, realized "No way no how" it was gonna work, and went back to bed. Woke up just in time for the Kingdom Hearts photoshoot. That was fun. Zexion is hot. Seriously. <3 Anyway, after that I went and found Edo and we went to see Full Metal Court. XD I LOVE ROY MUSTANG! <3333 After that it was time to line up for Aaron Dismuke's autograph. Oh god. He's so cute xD He wouldn't say the Roy Miniskirt line though. Oh well. I still got his autograph. After that we went to the dealers room and then wandered up to get in line for the masquerade. Holy CRAP that was a long ass line. I got to see my Sora again. I love his briish accent, it's SO cute. <3333333 And then while we were in line, me and Edo kept "losing the game" on purpose to piss people off. The masquerade was good. I laughed and had fun. Then I went back to my room to change (kinda>>;) and then I went back so that me and Edo could go to the rave~! I TAPED GREG! <333 And then I went back to the hotel and sat in the elevator area again. Then went to bed at like 3ish.

Day Four, Sunday: Last day~ Didn't even leave the room til like 1, and went straight to the dealers room. Bought myself a Sora doll and Axel got me a Pachirisu thats cheeks light up. And and! I GOT YAOI'D BY ZEXION. My god. -moans- I love you, Zexion, wherever you are. And the Axel and Larxene that were getting their photo done did an almost kiss picture for me because I secretly support Axel x Larxene>> And all throughout this I got to meet my Demyx and i loves her <3333333 She's the coolest. Then we went back to the room, hung out. Axel and Demy got in a fight, my Sora-"muse" got upset and I found out just how well those toy chakrams that come with the Axel figures work for cutting. And the whole night was kinda...nynnnnn x.x Rented Sweeny Todd and watched that. went to bed at 3. Con is officially over.

Day Five, Monday: Woke up, packed. Took a cab. Came home. Bleh. My god that was awesome.

My next adventure: CONNECTICON 2008



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